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Plein Air Classes in The Northeast Kingdom VT
New Classes just added!  Even Monet began somewhere. 


Catamount Arts: Plein Air Painting:

What's in Your Backyard? 

 Classes coming soon.....  

This class is for artists who may have had a little experience in painting but who haven’t had the opportunity to explore the layers of elements in plein air painting.. Working outdoors and wiith your own photos of landscapes or using mine, you will be guided towards making a successful composition in oils, either water soluble or regular oil paints, and encouraged to create a new painting each week. 


Each of the 8 weeks will be different in terms of the focus of the lesson, no matter what your subject matter will be. One week, we will learn about values, next might be color theory, and next composition, etc. We will paint from photos BUT we will learn what NOT to do when using a photo reference. 


As much as possible, we will go out on location and set up to paint a landscape or outdoor subject and we will learn how to work quickly to capture the essence of the subject before the light changes too much. You can continue your paintings at home or in the classroom, You will have support every step of the way and critique for the asking. 


It’s essential that you build your own supplies and tool kit so that they will be used to practice at home. A materials list and sources will be provided and it’s strongly recommended that you adhere as closely as possible to the list, especially the paint colors. Classroom easels are available to use, but we are limited with French easels for plein air painting, so if you have one please bring it along. 


Painting pictures is enjoyable at any level of mastery but it can be especially rewarding when you’ve had those ah-ha moments and are starting to create successful paintings consistently.


Contact moi for registering

Supplies to Bring: 

Oil paints (if using): Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cad Red LIght, Lemon Yellow, Indian Yellow, ,Ttitanium white, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, solvent and container

Easels ( I have some table easels but please bring what you intend to use)

4-6 Brushes ( Filbert, Round, Flat, Liner (not too small, not too big) 

Water container

Easel if you have one

NEW! at Catamount Arts in St Johnsbury! 

Plein Air Painting: What's in Your Backyard?

Students will discover the many joys of plein air painting (painting outdoors) in this experiential class. The 4 part series will start indoors then move outside to paint from life using water soluble or regular oil paints.  Each session will include a demonstration painting on location for students to follow along, followed by painting on your own. Learning to be comfortable with the equipment and materials will make painting outdoors as pleasurable as a walk in the park! 

Scholarship funds are available for high school students; please call Anne at 802-748-2600 ext. 109 for details.

Space is limited to 8 students
Parents of high school students under age 18: Please complete an enrollment form HERE after paying for the workshop.

Easels will be provided, or you can bring your own. Please bring a sketchbook and pencils, a lunch, plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat, and bug spray.


Supplies to Bring: 

Oil paints (if using): Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Rose, Lemon, Cad Yellow Med, Titanium white, Burnt Sienna,Sap Green, odorless solvent and container

4-6 Brushes ( Filbert, Round, Flat, Liner (not too small, not too big)

Water container

Sketchbook (@ 9x12 size)

Pencils and eraser

Paper towels

Printed paper photos of your backyard or other scenes to paint with natural elements such as  sky, grass,trees, ponds, waterlilies or whatever. 

For more info, please contact me at 215-669-4577 or  

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