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Vermont Green to California Gold - My Solo Cross Country Painting Trip

June 14 2021 - Follow along with me as I take a journey to the High Desert of California. I'll tell you all about how it came about and why, and then share some of the interesting places and people that I'll encounter. I'll drive across the country in my trusty Ford CMax Hybrid making stops to many of the places that have been on my bucket list forever, and some that have recently intrigued me from an artist's standpoint.

From St Johnsbury VT I'll first be heading to my hometown in Bucks County PA, then on to Pittsburgh, then South to the Midwest area of Indiana and Illinois. From there to the Ozarks and Tulsa, then on through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, where the Grand Canyon awaits me, as does Sedona where I hope to spend several days. Then I'll arrive to the beautiful San Bernadino Mountains, Yucca Valley, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Forest where for the next 6 weeks, I'll focus most of my attention and time as I make daily outings to capture what I see as the essence of this gorgeous terrain en plein air.

I'll try to post daily if WiFi doesn't present a problem in some of the more remote areas that I'll visit. But please check back often if you'd like to see the country vicariously through the eyes of an artist. This will be fun!

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1 Comment

Jun 22, 2021

What an amazing adventure awaits for you! Safe travels and much inspiration awaits! ❤️ Jane

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