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First Leg: Pennsylvania

June 21, 2021 -

How about I start at the beginning? Or maybe not. Even though I'm in Indiana as I write, this seems as good a place to begin as any. Confused? How did I get here? What's this trip all about? Well that's sort of a long story and I don't want to bog this down with TMI at this point. I'll fill in the pieces as I write this blog, which I hope to post weekly. That's my aim anyway, and I'll notify via Instagram and Facebook that there might be something of interest to you if you care to follow along.

Nutshell: Moved to Vermont in February '21 but couldn't land a permanent place to live due to the dab-gum housing situation and lack thereof. So an art patron and his wife said, hey, how about a trip across country to their vacation home in Pioneertown, California. I said let me think for a sec. Sec. Yes, I'll go. For 2 months.

So I am on THAT trip which I started by leaving St Johnsbury VT on June 15th. A click or two of the camera for a smiling image of my darling grand bebe, and a great big hug from my son, I was on my way to a trip of a lifetime!

In about 7 hours, I was stomping around some of my old grounds in Perkasie and Sellersville, Bucks County PA and meeting up with some of my bestie high school classmates and close friends. WIth Max packed perfectly, I was quite proud of my spacial arrangement skills and newly developed habit to minimize everything. Oh, Max is my 2013 Ford CMax Hybrid That I Love and who is also going on this trip.

My stay in Tinicum PA on the Patterson Farm was the perfect calm before the storm. Watching the sunsets over the rolling hills and waking in an indoor tree house master suite to the beauty of the many ancient trees and to the delightful sounds of nature was a dose of wonderfulness. If you could bottle inspiration, this place would be a main ingredient.

I departed Bucks County on Saturday June 19 at 9:30am and arrived Pittsburgh 6 hours later at the beautiful new home of my neice and her husband, who are 9 months preggers! Also, seeing my sister after almost 2 years was truly a wonderful thing! My tribe!!!

We had a lovely visit to the Phipps Botanical Gardens downtown Pburgh, handmade ice cream at the top of the Mt Washington Incline, and dinner at the Juniper Grille where (ok, now I'm sounding like my mom) we had grilled halibut with a fruit salsa that was outstanding, and would rate it like she would have, 8 1/2 stars.

Sleeping with a dog was a new thing for me since my other dogs went to heaven several years ago. But Miley the Golden Retriever somehow thought I was her new best friend and wouldn't leave my side, or back, or front. She was very sad when I left this morning for Indiana. Hey Miley, I'll be back on my return trip from Cali and we'll practice the 'treat on the nose' trick okay? (Actually, can't wait to see the brand new great niece!!! I'm so excited)

That's the end of my very first blog post for now! I'll pick up with my Nashville IN visit and my week visiting Southern Illinois for some more family time on the Wisheheart side, and then Arkansas, where I'll stay with a long lost friend from my theatre days and Trout Fishing in America.

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