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Nashville, Indiana

June 27, 2021

As far as old stomping grounds go, Nashville Indiana has always been one of my favorites. Situated in the rolling hills of Brown County, which bears quite a resemblence to Bucks County PA, the quirky local flavourite fine arts town is also akin to New Hope in that it was quite the Artist Colony in the early 1900's. Founded by artist Adolph Shulz, it was when T. C. Steele moved and set up studio in the lush landscapes that had close proximity to Bloomington, the colony became famous.

I stayed in the most adorable place called the Iris Garden Downtown Cottages and Suites. Josie answered my call for a request for a same say booking and gave me an awesome rate!!! Might have been because she loves artists...her dad and grandfather are both accomplished painters and sculptors. Her mom runs the Rock Shop there where I found a stunning lapis stone necklace.

For the most part, once over the border of Ohio into this home of the Hoosiers and Euchre the card game, I was on a quest for the perfect pork tenderloin sandwich, and I found it at the Out of the Ordinary and Hickory Bar.

If you have never had one, and I don't think they can be found outside of Indy, you will get about a 15" long piece of lightly breaded, fried tenderloin as thin as a pancake, set on a tiny little bun with lettuce, tomato, and gobs of mayo. YUM tonight, and YUM again tomorrow!

My hankerin' was completely satisfied but not to say I won't indulge again on the return trip!

Since before I was a painter, I had to opportunity to spend time right here at Iris Garden, never even thinking that one day I'd return as an artist myself to sit on a bench designated for ARTISTS! Discovering your hidden passion later in life has many advantages.

I watched a beautiful sunset over the rolling hills of Brown County and drove to the lookout spot where I took notes and sketched the majestic light over the contours of Mother's earth angels.

My plein air painting has still been on hold as I gather photo images to record my stops. I'd hoped to paint here, but my excursion was limited to some picture taking along the villiage's main street, and the Pioneer* Village, where it was quiet and I could be up close to the buildings which were reconstructed from a few previous historic log structures from around the area, and built in such a way as to preserve the methods of construction used in the time period of the settlement of the area, 1836. There is still an old log Jail there too.

There is still what appears to be a vibrant art scene with the beautiful Brown County Art Gallery highlighting many regional artists, and the former home of TC Steele and his studio and gallery.

An off-dry-cider draft was the perfect way to finish my day and get ready for the drive to the next stop...Effingham, Illinois.

*Pioneer seems to be the theme of this trip. My final destination : Pioneertown, CA

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